What Your Exhibition Display Has to Achieve

Making a business presence at a tradeshow is not cheap. There are costs involved and more importantly, it has to serve the purpose of boosting your business. What all this means is that the exhibition display has to be able to deliver desirable results. There are a lot of components that go into the set up of the exhibition and each one of these plays an important role. One of these is the type of signage that is used.

What Does Your Signage Have to Achieve?

Using the proper signage can serve several different purposes. Such as;

  • It can enhance your corporate image
  • Good signage will draw attention to your exhibition
  • The signage can deliver a variety of different messages

Types of Signage

One of the great aspects of signage is that there are many different types that work effectively at a tradeshow.

  • Pop Up Displays. These can be colourful so they draw attention. They are easy to use and they take up very little space.
  • Back drop displays: There is signage that is called step and repeat. These can be used as a backdrop to help define the booth area.
  • X-Stands: This is similar to a pop up display in that it uses a frame that holds the fabric or sign material that is displaying the message.
  • Banners: There are some great advantages to banners in that they come in different shapes and sizes. They can be placed at heights that are not going to be obscured from crowds that gather around the booth area. They are easy to use and easy to install. They also come in different materials that make them more flexible for their use.
  • Digital Signage: This can be a little more difficult to use at exhibitions but they do come in compact sizes and they can be real attention grabbers.