Using Modern Technology for Your Exhibition Display

The growth in technology is evident in almost every industry today, and that includes the sign industry. Knowing what some of this is can help the business owner make choices in signage that is comprised of what is new and exciting in signage, which at the same time may help businesses stay on par with their competitors.

In the Design

Technology is changing the way signs are now being designed. But this is more in the way they are being installed. Signage goes by trends and the current trends in signage is to keep them clean and simple. How the sign is lit is where technology is being implemented and one of the newest and favourite methods is with Halo illumination.

Neon Lighting

Neon lighting is not a new technology but it is being applied in newer ways. What has been taking place is using LED neon lighting because of its flexibility.


3D Printing is making great strides and now sign makers are now trying to develop ways where this will be implemented into the signage they manufacture.

Advancements in Digital Signage

Most business owners accept digital signage as being the latest technology in this industry but even within this, there has been some advancement when comparing them to the first ones that came out on the market. For example, they have become interactive with the touchscreens. Their clarity and resolutions have advanced. There is advanced software.

Making the Best Choice

Although there is a lot of new technology that is being implemented in the production of signage it is still important to make the decisions based on need. The purpose of the sign has to be clearly defined as well as where it will be located. Extra thought has to be put into those that are going to be used for exhibition purposes.