Mistakes to Avoid with your Exhibition Signage

Proper signage can make a huge difference in enhancing a business. It is a powerful marketing tool and one that can be used effectively at exhibitions.

Too Much is Not Effective

A very common mistake that business owners make at exhibitions is to try and cram too much into a small space. Most realize the importance of signage and many tend to overuse it. When this happens the signage is not distinct and appears as one big overwhelming blur to its viewers.

Not Compatible with the Brand

When it comes to signage there is so much to choose from that when making this decision sometimes the brand of the company gets forgotten about. Signage should be compatible with the brand. For example, the colours of the signage and font should be as close as possible as to the brand identity. If these are not kept in mind when choosing the signage then the brand impact will be lost.

Too Much or the Wrong Information

Signage does cost money, therefore, there is a tendency to try and cram as much content as possible into the sign. This is particularly true when it comes to banners. Banners usually do better when the message is simple and the print is large so it can be seen from various heights. Too much content can make the banner seem congested and hard to read. The same applies to other types of signage.


Most know that the size of the print is going to be important for easy reading of the signage. But, print colour and font also plays a role in this. Just as important is the lighting and the choice of materials for the signage so there is no glare.


It is far better to have fewer signs but ones that are quality made. Compared to having a lot of signs that are presenting themselves as being of poor quality.